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I Adore

 True friendships
Animals, particularly cats
Nature, white flowers,
Smell of gardenias, lilies and camellias
Scented candles, romantic ambience, incense, perfume
Artists, Orientalism, Symbolism, Art Nouveau
Classical music
India, for its culture and mysticism
Champagne, glazed chestnuts, antique furniture
Devotion, fidelity
Clear eyes, trustworthiness, sense of responsibility
Ultra sensibility
Permanence, harmony, serenity
Lasting innocence

I Hate

Violence, vulgarity, mediocrity
 Irresponsibility, betrayal, abandonment, ingratitude
Laziness, untruthfulness,
Jealousy, greed, injustice
Religion with its chains of consequences and hypocrisy
Show offs
Anything fake or artificial,
Forgetting those that are no longer with us


Principal aspects of your personality.
Spontaneity, joy, frankness, charisma.

Your best virtue.
Timeless loyalty through any circumstance.

Your principle characters.
Trustworthiness, determination, perseverance.

Your favorite qualities in a man.
Masculinity, honesty, inner elegance, generosity.

Your favorite qualities in a woman.
Sensitivity, sophistication, kindness.

Your worst defect.
Being impulsive, having hope despite everything.

Your favorite occupations.
Reading, writing, dreaming, taking care of people I love.

Your idea of happiness.
That those who are dear to me return
or that I am able to join them again.

Your idea of misery.
Another separation.

What would you like to be?
An inspired artist to create beauty.

If you were not yourself, who would you be?
An illusion.

Where would you like to live?
Anywhere with the right person.

Your favorite color and flowers.
White absolutely, lily, gardenias, jasmine, azucena

Your favorite poets.
Léo Ferré – M.C. Solar – Serge Gainsbourg

Your favorite fictional heroes.
The “Beast” in “The Beauty and the Beast”

Your favorite fictional heroines.
Anna Karenina – Marguerite Gautier

Your favorite composers.
Verdi – Mahler – Mozart - Purcell

Your favorite painters.
J.W. Waterhouse – J.G. Rosetti – Rudolph Ernst
Delaroche – Burne-Jones - Bouguereau

Your favorite real life heroes.
Soldiers who are obligated to go to war, resistors and
those who help and protect the weak.

Which heroines in history?
Marie-Antoinette, Eva Péron

Your favorite names.
Nathaniel - Anastasia

What you hate most.
Abandonment, irresponsibility, violence,
vulgarity, treason

Which characters in history do you most dislike?
Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon

The military act you most admire.

The gift of nature you most desire.
To perform miracles.

How would you prefer to die.
In the sight of the man I love.

What is your present state of mind.
Only the deepest emotions justify our existence.

For which faults do you have the most tolerance?
Those that are admitted, repentance, suicide.

Your favorite motto.
Preserve one’s innocence despite life’s traumas.

Michele Vasarely

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