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Victor Vasarely

Viktor de Taburno ...en français
My Father

What can I say about a man whom I only knew very little of and whose memory is associated with deep despair. A man from a bygone generation, always chic and elegant, despite the fact that the Russian Revolution destroyed his future.
Born in Tsarkoie-Selo, he was a Captain in the Imperial Guard.  His father, an Urban Engineer, built the tramway in St. Petersburg and was then a member of the Conseil d’Etat.
After graduating from the Superior School of the Army, he was promoted officer and received the Medal of Sainte Anne.  In 1919, he fought against the Bolcheviques with General Wrangel and was eventually evacuated to Constantinople.
He arrived in France in 1929, where he lived until his premature death in 1965.
Nostalgic for his beautiful country, the culture and sophistication that he was forced to leave behind; the quality of life and world he loved so much had disappeared. He was inconsolable. I remember him saying that one day they would all return to Russia.
He forever left in my mind the image of a man with such incomparable dignity – he was my first example.  These indelible images influenced my life, my behavior, my reactions and taught me to accept with stoicism the disillusions that life brings.
His is my most admired and valuable memory; his absence, my first crushing blow.  What a beautiful, romantic upscale life he taught me about, a time that is lost forever.  The deepest suffering in my soul is his absence.

Michele Vasarely

My mentors My activities My world Artist's will