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Viktor de Taburno

Art was his only real center of interest, dedicating every atom of his heart and soul to his mission with such energy, determination, and an unequaled capacity for concentration. He worked night and day to conceive his creations and to impose them to the world. He was infused with a perception of the future, which he expressed in different writings, from the upheaval that would provoke the evolution of technology with its benefits and consequences. Fascinated by nature, its mystery, its complexity, his central preoccupations, like his lectures, were oriented towards the realm of science in all of its detail, from infinitely miniscule to infinitely huge. Galaxies, cosmos, atoms and molecules were the subject of many of our conversations. He was aware, and complained sometimes, to be born a century too soon. Man of an abstract and codified future, he nonetheless lead a traditional existence, enclosed in his studio and his thoughts.
In the 1950s he began to be preoccupied by the artist’s role in society. Convinced of a profound aesthetic ambition in man, he never stopped advocating for a social art, accessible to all, rebelling against the notion that art must be inextricably linked to power and money. He was the first artist to create editions to allow the diffusion of his work, not to be reserved for the elite but available to a greater number of individuals.
He was very conscious of living in a pivotal era, preaching the gospel of an all-encompassing inter-disciplinary collaboration, “...all architects, painters, sculptors must learn to work together. It is not a matter of negating the masterpieces of the past, we should instead admit that human aspirations have changed. We must transform our ancient way of thinking and conceiving art, particularly in the cities. We must share it, make it accessible to all. Art must be generous.”
After years of work, sacrifices and efforts, the artist found himself in the forefront of the international cultural landscape and became the “Vasarely” whom everyone knows, this great visionary, this magician of human emotion, this charismatic artist so ahead of his era. A man who dedicated his life to his art in the most exalted of manners, leaving a timeless legacy of dreams and illusions, comprehensively embodying the speculations and anticipations of a century, opening a limitless space of exploration for generations to come.

It has been a great privilege to have approached and known him so intimately despite the aggression I have since endured. But, after all, isn’t suffering always a part of the journey?

Victor Vasarely

My Father-In-Law:...en français

......Vasarely is a rare case of an artist whose name designates a style. Who hasn’t come face-to-face with a painting, a reproduction and integration of this artist whose work is now integrally connected to the collective intellect. This realization should not mask the upheaval he provoked in conceiving his art. To the compositional challenges undertaken by Malevich and Mondrian, Vasarely brought an original response by introducing the notion of movement, dissolving the relationship between form and substance with the elaborate experimentation of his “alphabet plastique”, a universal fine arts language understood by everyone. This tool of creation with its modular and universal characters offered an infinity of combinations, and paved the way for an “art permutational”.
From this visionary I am his shield. About him I know most everything: his idealism, his ambition, his goals, his loves, his revolts, his successes and his ideals. Today, what impression remains? If I had to define it in one word I would choose: admiration. This was an impressive man, glowing, so exclusive and out of the ordinary. Beyond the banalities of the earth he flew high, alone and independent, dominating his surroundings with his stately presence and undaunted rigor. It was almost too much of everything; he had the talent, the sensibility, the intellectual depth, the biting subtle sense of humor, and the nonchalance of the aristocrat he was. An overpowering magnetic force emanated from him.  Victor was one of those gifted beings born to make us believe in Man.  His generosity was legendary, and if all these qualities were not enough, he was handsome and armed with an irresistible charm that stayed with him until the end.

Michele Vasarely

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