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Victor Vasarely
Viktor de Taburno

Jean-Pierre Vasarely – YVARAL.. en français

...…How can I find the appropriate words to describe the person who was my teacher, my confidant, my best friend, my husband, the man with whom I shared an artist’s life, unsystematic and stimulating, this beautiful life full of emotions, ambitions and dreams.
…His joking lighthearted manner, his momentous voice, his child-like fresh-aired laughs, all live in me like the refrain from a song of happiness that I will carry for the rest of my life.
…Throughout the many years we shared, the emotions that brought us together were unyielding. The forces of darkness and of the imagination lead me forever to the memory of this man – he was the antithesis of the inspired artist gravely delivering his message – rather, he was able to transmit his sound fundamental values with his underlying concept into his artistic creations.
…If art is a sublime school where the artist leads by example, my husband was one for whom life was justified by the quality, ethics and conscientiousness of his creation. He never compromised his own principles, never made any concessions for trends or for his own interest, the purest essence was crucial and came before anything. 
…Unfortunately, all ends in life, evermore the things you enjoy the most, and the depths of a romantic character such as mine understands that time brings a touch of eternity to our lives. Creation, sentiments, invisible harmony, these are the bonds that united me with my husband.
To this artist I owe what I have become; he completed me, gave a profound sense to my existence and knew how to bring out the intimate glow and unknown strengths which are so helpful to supervene in the legacy of his creation and world which keeps him so alive in my present and future.

Michele Vasarely

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