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When this Publisher met Michele Vasarely, his first impression assumed that he was looking at a porcelain doll that the most minor clumsiness could break. Running an artistic empire that she had just completely reconstructed, in this tale she is at the decisive moment in the long fight which puts her in opposition to the powerful President of a Law University. In this story, the daughter-in-law of the famous Master, who was absolutely not prepared for such brutality, will recount her day-to-day her incredible fight to protect Victor Vasarely. Confronted by the procedures of individuals of such eminent academic stature, she will continue for 10 years of legal battles, to bring clarity to the Foundation Vasarely which was in the hands of this character, greedy for fame, money and ambition. She will have to fight against the responsible powerful political elites who harass her without respect. Because she so strongly admired and loved her father-in-law, Michele did not hesitate to jump into this conflict and save the Vasarely Estate. She did all possible to smooth and bring joy to the famous Hungarian artist’s last years. This strong and thorough woman’s story which reveals her in action will give pause to those who believe that they can twist the law for their own benefits.

Michele Vasarely

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